Hawkeye State Stormer!

Codfish Hollow Barnstormers and Moeller Nights Presents:

Sold Out: Hawkeye State Stormer!

The Nadas, The Poison Control Center, The Prime Movers, TWINS, The Volcano Boys

Sat, Apr 07, 2018

6:00 pm (event ends at 11:00 pm)

$25.00 - $30.00

This event is all ages

DOORS at 4:30 PM

 MUSIC at 6 PM

The Nadas
The Nadas
The Nadas are a band from Iowa. Yes, they have been around long enough that if they were a car you would keep them covered in your garage except for sunny weekend cruising. But that isn't what is important about their story. What is important is that they make music that makes you feel things. Happy, sad, nostalgic, optimistic, energized, curious, inspired, and confused. The important part is that it makes you want to listen, and sometimes dance. 2018 will mark the 25th year of The Nadas. In January, they will be releasing their 11th studio record entitled "One Louder". At a stage where most bands would be resting on their laurels and letting others do the heavy lifting, The Nadas are out there swinging for the fences, driving the van and carrying their own instruments.
The Poison Control Center
The Poison Control Center
Over 2008 and into 2009, The four members of Ames, Iowa’s The Poison Control Center (four songwriters currently living in four different cities) tethered their relationship by periodically exchanging a demo-of-the-day to document their daily life. During a week in May of 2009, the group hauled over 40 songs a collective 1500 miles from their respective homes to a turn of the century schoolhouse on the Mississippi River filled with analog recording equipment. The result is Sad Sour Future (Afternoon Records/Warner Music Group), a double-album encompassing the motions and emotions of separation, loss, and the struggles of leaving your 20’s behind and growing older in your own skin, from a band described as “dynamic, versatile, and just a little bit frightening.” (KEXP).
The Prime Movers
The Prime Movers
“Spooked,” besides being the title of the Prime Movers’ 1988 release on Birdcage Records, is also an apt description of the haunting effect this band’s atmospheric rock has on the listener. Drawing you in with familiar Western imagery, patches of neo-psychedelia and ethereal guitar, the band takes the listener on a sobering journey through the soul of America. It’s an evocative music mixed with determination, guarded optimism and dark pessimism, and one that’s strangely life affirming.
The Prime Movers, though virtually unknown in their own country, scored two Top Forty hits in England with the songs, “On The Trail” and “Dark Western Night.”
Hailing from Sierra Madre, California, the Prime Movers - Gary Putman on guitar and vocals, Severs Ramsey on vocals and bass and Curt Lichter on drums - formed in 1983, adapting their name from a favorite episode of the science fiction TV series, The Twilight Zone.
The Prime Movers first garnered attention with their LP “Museum,” released in 1984 on their own indie label, Birdcage Records. It’s brooding songs, post punk energy and Putman’s eclectic guitar flourishes (played on a variety of homemade guitars) earned the band glowing critical notices.
Indeed, Cashbox Magazine wrote in their Aug 6, 1988 edition, “Gary Putman weaves an ethereal tapestry which blends technical wizardry with pure emotion to create one of the most stylistically unique guitar sounds ever (Did you hear that, Les Paul?).”
While playing the Southern California club circuit, the band landed a major label deal with Island Records UK. A&R reps saw The Prime Movers at the legendary nightclub Madame Wong’s Chinatown and immediately signed the band to the label.
Island Records UK released two singles and a self-titled EP that found favor with the English record buying public and were critically acclaimed by the British press. The band received coveted support slots on the BIG COUNTRY “Seer” tour in the UK and The THOMAS DOLBY “Aliens Ate My Buick” US tour and received prominent airplay on The BBC in the UK. The well-received UK tour with Big Country resulted in Big Country guitarist and lead man, Stuart Adamson, contributing an emotional E-Bow guitar part to their single, “Dark Western Night.”
A song from the EP, “Strong As I Am,” was selected by film-maker Michael Mann to be the featured song in his movie, “Manhunter” (the prequel to “Silence Of The Lambs”). The motion picture introduced Thomas Harris' infamous anti-hero, HANNIBAL LECHTOR. Critic Leonard Maltin called Manhunter better than SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. Strong As I Am was included in the Manhunter Soundtrack album and later released by MCA as a single. MICHAEL MANN liked it so much that he personally financed the making of the Strong As I Am video.
In 1987, The Prime Movers definitely fell from favor with Island Records founder, CHRIS BLACKWELL, although the reason is unknown. A German Manhunter website opines that it was bad blood between Island and MCA who issued the Manhunter soundtrack album and the Strong As I Am 45 that caused the rift. Others say that it was caused by Island A&R man, IAN MATTHEWS, famous as a founding member of FAIRPORT CONVENTION, who had originally signed The Prime Movers and wanted to take them with him to a new label when he was sacked by Island.
Island would not let the Prime Movers put out new material, nor would they release them from their recording contract. Despite offers from other majors, especially Rhino Records who were very interested, The Prime Movers found themselves virtually out of business with absolutely no label backing.
It was then that the band hit on the bright idea to record new music under an assumed name - the crazier the concept the better. Ramsey and Putman, as Jah Paul Jo and Put-Mon, recruited some old friends and entered their own, self-induced Musical Witness Protection Program: DREAD ZEPPELIN was born. Started as a joke in 1989, little did The Prime Movers know that DREAD ZEPPELIN would get signed to IRS/MCA Records and sell over a million copies of their classic first album, Un Led ED.
Between 1989 and 1995, DREAD ZEPPELIN went on to record five more albums, all produced by RAMSEY and former Prime Mover sound man, RASTA LI-MON (LEE MANNING). Dread Zeppelin’s extraordinary popularity continues to this day and they are described by the Internet site Wikipedia as “The Ultimate Tribute Band.” Led Zeppelin’s ROBERT PLANT loved the band and called Dread Zeppelin’s version of YOUR TIME IS GONNA COME better than the original. High praise, indeed!
In 1996, Severs Ramsey was finally able to secure the rights to all of the Prime Movers music from Island for his own Birdcage Records. At that time, he shared management with a popular UK band called THE CHRISTIANS who just happened to be Island Records’ top seller. The Christians refused to deliver Island any new material until the label signed off on The Prime Movers and restored all rights to their songs and albums. Saved by The Christian’s Crusade!
Ramsey and Putman, with new drummer Gary Falasco, reunited in 2006 for several one-off reunion gigs to support the CD re-release of their first album, “Museum.” With the help of Lee Manning and a huge ladder warehouse in South El Monte, CA, a handful of new recordings were produced. The late stages of recording were rudely interrupted by a robbery which resulted in the loss of all the recording equipment. However, Manning, Putman, and Lichter compiled these recordings, along with several previously unreleased recordings, for the long awaited 2016 album release "Exposure" on Birdcage Records.
TWINS is a family band, rooted generations deep in the rich history of Iowa music. Brothers Harper and Joel Sires handle the songwriting and vocal duties, along with their cousin Luke Sires on drums. Devin Ferguson — bass guitar and vocals — has been playing with the Sires brothers since he was 16 years old and rounds out this rock & roll quartet’s uniquely American sound.
2016 has seen the release of an EP, Kiss of Life, in preparation for their third full-length LP, Square America, to be released in July 1, 2016. Recorded during a rocky period for the band at Sonic Factory Recording Studio with producer Patrick Tape Fleming, Square America finds the boys stretching out, shaking off expectations and adding some surprising new elements to their rock solid foundation.
With all the swagger, hooks and wild abandon a music fan could ask for, TWINS has stood up to carry the traditions on its shoulders, while steering its music in new directions and away from the indie rock mainstream.
Formed in early 2012, the band has found success appealing to the crate digging, record collecting music fan who feels set adrift by the reverb drenched, cotton ball sound of today’s “Rock and Roll.”
TWINS self released its basement debut Funny Faces in October 2012. Building a small, but loyal fanbase around its brand of high energy, hijinks ready rock & roll — moving up to Iowa powerhouse label Maximum Ames Records in 2014 for the release of their critically praised second LP, Tomboys On Parade.
Named by Iowa Public Radio, among many other publications, as one of 2014’s Top 5 releases in the world, the boys set about hitting the road. Appearing alongside such acts as the Jayhawks, Lydia Loveless, Dr. Dog, Ben Kweller and Paul Collins and at numerous festivals around the country — including River Roots Live, 80/35 & SXSW — TWINS has accepted its mission to SAVE ROCK & ROLL. And it couldn’t come at a better time.
As Daytrotter sums them up:
The Iowa band TWINS — led by the Sires boys Luke, Harper and Joel, along with bassist Devin Ferguson — seem to shotgun a minimum of two tallboys before they do anything. They work up a sweat just thinking about how much damned fun they’re going to try to get themselves into that night and the night after. They think about girls (harmonizing prettily about them, actually) and turning their amplifiers up as loud as they can go, thereby achieving small fractions of epic nights. Some of them are married men and yet, there’s no stopping their boyish thoughts and fantasies about women and rock and roll.
The Volcano Boys
The Volcano Boys
Des Moines Rock Vets.
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Codfish Hollow Barnstormers
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