Turnbuckle 2 Comedy & Music Festival June 1st & 2nd

Codfish Hollow Barnstormers and Moeller Nights Presents:

Turnbuckle 2 Comedy & Music Festival June 1st & 2nd

Fri, Jun 01, 2018 - Sat, Jun 02, 2018

6:00 pm

$15.00 - $35.00

This event is all ages









6:00-6:40 Sam Coffey
7:10-7:55 Field Report
8:05-8:50 Sam Tallent
9:10-9:55 Ron Gallo
10:10-10:55 Nick Thune
11:15-??? Caveman


1:00-1:45 Izaak Opatz
2:35-2:50 Donny Townsend
3:40-3:55 Chris Schlichting
5:00-5:15 Mike Lucas
5:20-5:35 Bobby Ray Bunch

6:00 Wrestling

1:55-2:25 Chris Crofton
3:00-3:30 Reena Calm
4:05-4:50 Allen Strickland Williams
7:05-7:50 Caveman
8:05-8:50 Kristen Toomey
8:55-9:40 Nick Thune
9:45-10:45 Kyle Kinane
11:00-??? Vandoliers




Field Report
Field Report
Field Report is the creation of Chris Porterfield, who cut his musical teeth with DeYarmond Edison (the other members of which were Justin Vernon/Bon Iver and Megafaun). After their breakup in 2006, Bon Iver and Megafaun went on to success while Chris hung back in Wisconsin, thinking his career in music was over. It was really just beginning. For the first time in his life, he began writing his own songs, which he spent the following five years carefully divining, killing off, revising, and honing. In December 2011, the record was finally recorded at Vernon's studio (with engineer Beau Sorenson).

Porterfield explains, "We began to feel like it was time to make a record in the fall of 2011. Around that time, Bon Iver was touring, and came through Milwaukee. I was talking with Justin, and he said that he had heard through the grapevine that I finally had found the right people to play with. He invited us to use his space. We were particularly interested in recording at his studio (April Base) because of the large live room. We wanted to capture the sound of a band in a moment. We specifically brought Beau [Sorenson] in for this reason, and for his love of later Talk Talk."

The result is a haunting set of songs that's crafty, lyrical, and poignant. After sending a few unfinished tracks to select people, the response was immediate and impactful: producer Paul Kolderie (Radiohead, Warren Zevon, The Pixies, Uncle Tupelo) fell in love with them and offered to mix the record, which he did in February 2012. The songs were also met with acclaim from many SXSW presenters, resulting in invitations to play at several high-profile showcases.

This momentum continued into the spring, as Rolling Stone's feature on the band championed them as "poised to break out in 2012." The sentiment was echoed by several other prominent media outlets such as SPIN, Pitchfork, Stereogum, and more. The most common praise has touched upon Field Report's narrative lyrical content, citing Porterfield's poetic prowess. "The songs always start out with the words," says Porterfield, "If I don't have something to say, there isn't a point for this band to make music."

After one of the pre-released tracks from the album, "Taking Alcatraz," launched into the top 10 most downloaded blog tracks worldwide, Field Report accepted an opening spot on the national Counting Crows summer tour, once lead singer Adam Duritz heard the songs. "It is undeniable when you listen to Field Report," Duritz enthused to Rolling Stone, "This is just great music."

All this took place within two months of their first gig (between March and May, 2012). This summer, Field Report plans to tour relentlessly and allow fans to have the entire album digitally free-of-charge. "We understand that today people are more motivated to get music for free than to pay for it. We want to remove the barriers and the gatekeepers," says Porterfield. "What's important to us is that people who want to hear our music are able to do so, in the way we created it to be heard."

Having a uniquely direct connection with fans is something Field Report has already emphasized. They have music freely downloadable on their site (www.field-report.org) as well as a phone number where fans can text a question directly to the band (414-215-9956).
Nick Thune
Nick Thune
‘Nick Thune is the truth and people continue to bear witness.’
- Esquire

Nick Thune, comedian / actor, hails from the Great Northwest (Seattle), where he spent his early years growing up. Nick’s absurdist view and deadpan wit have distinguished his unique style of storytelling mixed with one-liners.

Nick has appeared on The Tonight Show 10 times, Conan 2 times, and Late Night 1 time. On each occasion, he won. He performs comedy to sold out crowds across the country and around the world, and has been featured at the prestigious Montreal Comedy Festival, South By Southwest, Bonnaroo, The Moontower Comedy Festival, The Dublin Comedy Festival, The Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and many more.

For more info visit his Wikipedia page or IMDb.
Ron Gallo
Ron Gallo
Hi, my name is Ron Gallo. My previous artist bio started like this:
I straddle the fence between two mindsets:
The world is completely fucked.
The universe is inside you.
I sat on that (mostly in vans) long enough to lean heavily towards #2.
I sat in vans a lot this past year because at one point in time I was frustrated with humanity (but really myself) and from that came an album called “HEAVY META”. Apparently the sentiment resonated more with people in 2016 then when I wrote those songs in my apartment in Philadelphia in 3-4 years before that (probably because the current political and social climate) so suddenly that darkness turned into doing a lot of stuff I always wanted to do but never thought I would or could - like travel around with my friends, Joe Bisirri (bass) and Dylan Sevey (drums) and play shows for people with bands we love in places all over the world: Naked Giants, White Reaper, The Black Angels, Twin Peaks, Thee Oh Sees, Hurray For the Riff Raff to name a few.
“Write what you know!” They say.
Okay. 2017: Being constantly on highways, in vans, on planes, on stages, in greenrooms, on guestlists, turning a person into a brand, turning a real life human moment into a song into content into an asset to be monetized, talking to people about myself and stuff I wrote 3 years ago, watching it all unfold in the public eye from a phone in a van on a highway heading to a stage.
Do all that. Get back home for days at a time. Seek solitude. Friends and family and acquaintances followed along on Instagram. They think it looked glamorous out there “living the dream.” They ask me all about it, but I know the truth - it’s boring and unrelatable to identify as a musician rather than just a human - so I don’t have much to say about it besides “it happened” and it wasn’t what I thought it would be and it was beautiful and I am grateful but mostly this whole world of pursuing music and the music business is hilarious and none of it really matters in the grand scheme of things.” So the way I process all that is through an EP called “Really Nice Guys” which came out 1/19/18 on New West Records.
On it you can find auto-tune, tantrums about algorithms, songs featuring iPhone tabla about being on a guestlist, underwhelming solos, a song called "YouTubular" and the true star of the whole thing: my moms boyfriend, Jerry, who we secretly captured candidly talking about the EP and made it the lead vocal on "Pull Quote" the EP's closing track.
For more perspective on yourself - Google image: “Earth”
Boom, ya gone,
With love, see you soon,
Ron Gallo
Kyle Kinane
Kyle Kinane
Comedy Central @Midnight Workaholics
Kyle's new special "I Liked His Old Stuff Better" debuted on Comedy Central in January, 2015. He’s appeared on @Midnight, Conan, Workaholics, Those Who Can't and Comedy Bang! Bang! He can be heard as the voice of Comedy Central and in various animated programs such as, Regular Show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Bob’s Burgers, TripTank, Adventure Time, and Lucas Bros. Moving Co.. His first one hour special, Whiskey Icarus, aired on Comedy Central in 2012.
Word of the machine had spread quickly through the system. One solitary device, hidden away on some strange world light years from ours, with the power to change everything—it seemed unlikely, but the outfit simply couldn’t resist the urge to investigate.
They suited up and boarded the ship. After several days of travel, the five men found themselves on a desert planet, seeing nothing for miles but sand. Heads down, they forged ahead, prepared for an interminably long journey. But it was only a few hours later when they caught sight of the very thing they’d come all this way to find.
There it was, glowing in the distance—completely intact, with nary a scratch on it. It seemed to sit there in a natural way, as though someone or something had placed it ever-so-perfectly in that very spot. The eerie glow emanating from the massive structure captivated the quintet.
Together they approached, closer and closer, in a silent harmony of movement. The structure grew with every step they took, but they all somehow knew implicitly that retreat was no longer a choice. An odd, delicate dance between man and machine waged on for what seemed like hours, until there they stood at the foot of this archaic apparatus. Might this prove to be the answer? Could it have been so simple? If the device truly held the power spoken of in legend, they would be returning home with a plan that could finally bring an end to the Otero War.
Reena Calm
Reena Calm
Reena Calm is an East Coast Jew turned Chicago favorite. After years of improv, studying with some of her heroes at Second City, iO & Annoyance she took a suggestion to try stand up. Since starting the popular Three Dead Moose open mic in 2011 she has stumbled her way to the top, becoming one of the most respected, hardest working comedians in the Midwest. Pulling from a lifetime of questionable choices, Reena’s material manages to be autobiographical, silly, and irresistibly irreverent. 

Reena has been a cast member of 100 Proof Comedy and a founding producer of Hoo HA Comedy. She’s a featured regular at the Laugh Factory, The Improv, Zanies, and performs in clubs and shows all over the country: she was featured in the She-Devil Comedy Festival, Accidental Comedy Festival, Chicago Sketchfest, Birmingham Comedy Festival, The Comedy Exposition, RiOT LA Comedy Festival and Just For Laughs. Reena is a frequent guest on WGN and WBEZ radio. She has been called “also terrific” by the Chicago Tribune, and “not a disappointment” by her mother. Follow me, I mean HER on twitter @ReenaCalm.
Allen Strickland Williams
Allen Strickland Williams
Salutations. I live in Los Angeles writing and telling jokes. I’ve performed stand-up comedy on CONAN. I was recently named one of Comedy Central’s Comics to Watch. One time, I got a standing ovation for telling a single joke. I’m featured on the Holy Fuck. Live Comedy. album. Illegally download it. I’ve performed at South by Southwest, Moontower Comedy Festival, Funny or Die’s Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival, the Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland, CROM Comedy Festival in Omaha, Comedy Carnivale in Salt Lake City, Hell Yes Fest! in New Orleans, and the RIOT Festival right here in Los Angeles. I am one-fourth of the sketch group WOMEN, which has been featured on IFC.com’s Comedy Crib, Tosh.0 and L.A. Weekly’s 10 L.A. Comedy Acts to Watch. One interesting personal fact about me is that I like having sex, because it feels good.
Chris Crofton
Chris Crofton
Chris Crofton is an actor and composer, known for Thanksgiving (2002), Trash Humpers (2009) and Super Zeroes (2012). Chris Crofton started performing comedy after he graduated from
college in 1991. He moved to New York City from Connecticut and
appeared at open mics around the city: Stand Up NY, The West End,
Rose's Turn, New York Comedy Club, The Village Gate, and Gladys's
Comedy Room at Hamburger Harry's. Crofton was also writing songs at
this time. Following the release of his critically acclaimed first
album, The Alcohol Stuntman, on Stylus Records, he moved to Nashville
to pursue music. From 2001 up to the present, he has performed and
recorded with Chris Crofton The Alcohol Stuntband. Known as much for
Crofton's between-song comments as the music, The Alcohol Stuntband
has played with The Black Keys, Rocket From the Tombs, Richard Lloyd,
Lucero, Danko Jones, The Paybacks and many, many, more. From 2005 to
2009 Crofton hosted the now-legendary "Best of Bread" radio show on
Nashville's WRVU, a weekly program in which he and his brother Greg
mixed topical and absurd commentary with 70s soft-rock classics.
Crofton is also an award-winning actor who has appeared in numerous
independent films.
In 2006, a local comedian asked Crofton to try standup again for fun.
After performing for 10 years with The Alcohol Stuntband, Crofton had
developed a remarkable ease onstage, and his topical palette had
expanded dramatically. These qualities combined with Crofton's unique
perspective to create a comedy monster. His style mixes the social
commentary of Richard Pryor and Bill Hicks, the absurdity of Steve
Martin, and the pacing and stage presence of Lenny Bruce. In 2007,
Crofton was invited to open for Neil Hamburger in Nashville. Hamburger
was impressed with his set and arranged for him to open a show for Bob
Odenkirk and Louis CK at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los
Angeles. In 2009, after seeing his standup, Harmony Korine cast
Crofton in his film Trash Humpers and brought him to select cities
to perform comedy prior to screenings. Later in 2009, after WRVU s
lamented demise, Crofton adapted the Best of Bread broadcast into
the popular weekly podcast "The Chris Crofton Show."
In May 2012, Chicken Ranch Records released Crofton's debut comedy
album, "Pearls Before Swine: Live at The Springwater, which,
according to Nashville Scene editor Jim Ridley, captures [Crofton s]
nervy, abrasive act on crackling vinyl before an audience that s by
turns incensed, indifferent and doubled over in hysterics."
Izaak Opatz
Izaak Opatz
Izaak Opatz has been writing and performing songs for the last ten years in Montana, Nashville, and Los Angeles.

The Best Westerns, a Missoula band Opatz has fronted for the last six years, released two records and won a loyal following across Montana for their spirited live show and original sound of jazz-, punk-, and soul-inflected country tunes, all written by Opatz.

Izaak has shared the stage with Jackson Browne, James McMurtry, Jonny Fritz, and Taylor Goldsmith (Dawes).

“I Love Leaving”, a song he co-wrote with Jonny Fritz and Robert Ellis, appeared on Fritz’s most recent release Sweet Creep (ATO Records), which was ranked #14 on Rolling Stone’s ‘Best Country Albums of 2016’ list.

Opatz released his debut solo album Mariachi Static in February 2017. Mariachi Static was recorded in Los Angeles with Malachi DeLorenzo (Langhorne Slim and the Law) and features 11 catchy new songs by Opatz.
Kristen Toomey
Kristen Toomey
Comedian. Producer. Mother. Fucker.
Kristen Toomey is one of the top comedians in her hometown of Chicago. 
She has built a reputation for being a "comedy powerhouse". She is a charming, hilarious, fearless performer who attacks the stage with wit and brutal honesty about her life. 
"Watching her is like watching a sitcom in the wings."-Chicago Reader
"Toomey is part of the tradition of comics who kill while sober."- Chicago Tribune
"Keep an eye out for Kristen Toomey"- Huffington Post
Kristen is a favorite at Laugh Factory Chicago, has featured at Zanies, The Comedy Attic, Comedy Club on State and UP Comedy Club.
She has headlined the Chicago Women's Funny Festival and has been a part of the Chicago Comedy Expo and will be returning to the Expo to open for Eddie Pepitone this summer. 
Along with performing close to 300 shows a year, Toomey is also a the first female producer/member of the nations premier comedy collective Comedians You Should Know. The collective produces acclaimed, sell out, weekly shows in both Chicago and LA. www.comediansyoushouldknow.com
Finally, as a fun side project Kristen and her best friend 25 years, (Actor Danny Rhodes) host a weekly podcast called BUTTHURT for the Laugh Factory network. It's available on iTunes. 
Sam Coffey and The Iron Lungs
Sam Coffey and The Iron Lungs
Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs opened up for Flamin' Groovies before. Do you know who else did that? The Ramones.

An alt-country band with punk roots, Vandoliers formed in 2015, bringing together a group of Dallas-Fort Worth musicians led by frontman Joshua Fleming.
Fiercely proud of their homeland, Vandoliers put their own spin on the Texas country tradition with 2016's Ameri-Kinda, a debut album that mixed honky-tonk twang with hard-edged, rock & roll stomp. The band's follow-up release, The Native, arrives less than one year, doubling down on Vandoliers' modern approach to traditional influences. Rounded out by bassist Mark Moncrieff, drummer Guyton Sanders, fiddler Travis Curry, electric guitarist Dustin Fleming, and multi-instrumentalist Cory Graves, the group fills The Native's 10 songs with barreling guitar solos, train beats, anthemic melodies, mariachi horns, and the autobiographical details of Fleming's own travels.
"I grew up in Texas," the singer says, "and I wanted to write about why I loved it. I wanted to use myself as a character for my own songs. The Native goes through all our favorite styles of Texas music, and tells my story along the way."
A tribute to the band's Texas homeland, The Native takes its listener through a swirl of East Dallas dive bars, Pantego pool halls, small towns, big cities, and the rolling ribbon of bluebonnet-covered highway that stretches throughout the state. Along the way, Fleming sings about getting drunk, getting arrested, and getting it on. Behind him, the band kicks up a storm of Western swing, electric blues, roadhouse rock & roll, Tejano, cowboy country, and twangy punk, saluting everyone from fellow Texans Bob Wills to ZZ Top in the process. There are songs about leaving town. Songs about coming home. Songs about the short-lived romances that spark, burn, and fade in roadside bars, and songs about the lasting relationships that await back at home. It's a full cycle — a detailed exploration of what it means to truly belong somewhere.
"I was born September 1st in a little town outside Fort Worth," goes the first line of the album's kickoff track, "Bluebonnet Highway." If The Native unfolds like a coming-of-age movie, then "Bluebonnet Highway" is the opening scene: a fast-moving montage of clips from Fleming's home, filled with neighborhood girls, traffic lights and the state flowers that bloom every spring. From there, Fleming and company hit the highway with "Rolling Out," a fiddle-fueled, horn-filled salute to the road, and wax nostalgic with the epic, driving "Endless Summer." By the album's end, they're back in Dallas-Ft. Worth, spilling all the details of their journey to a friend in "Welcome Home."
For Fleming, the real journey started years ago, when his sister took him to a Bad Religion concert. That night left a permanent impression on the young teen, who left the show inspired to make his own music. Years later, he earned his first audience as the frontman of the Phuss, a rowdy punk band that toured nationally. Business was good, but Fleming's personal life was heading south, with songs like "I Don't Feel Good" hinting at a troubled mind. After bottoming out, he resurfaced by meeting his future wife, falling in love, swapping his electric guitar for an acoustic, and writing a batch of songs that his country-loving partner might enjoy. Vandoliers were born, with many of those new songs filling the tracklist on the band's Ameri-Kinda debut.
Recorded in the same studio where Willie Nelson made Red Headed Stranger, The Native was tracked to tape by producer John Pedigo. The album was finished in four days, capturing the spark and spunk of a live band whose tour dates have included shows with the Jayhawks, Old 97's and Reverend Horton Heat. Released on the heels of Ameri-Kinda, The Native isn't just a story about where Vandoliers have been. It's a sign of where they're going. It's twang and tattoos, grit and guitars, honky-tonk and horns, Tejano and Telecasters. It's Vandoliers.
Chris Schlichting
Chris Schlichting
Stand up Comedian
Sam Tallent
Sam Tallent
Known for whip-quick wit and rollicking improvisations, Sam Tallent is one of the sharpest, most original rising talents in comedy today. He has been called "the absurd voice of a surreal generation" by the Denver Post, and, when not maintaining a "Black Flag esque tour schedule" (Savage Henry Magazine), Sam has worked alongside many of the biggest names in comedy, including Louis CK, Dave Chappelle, Doug Stanhope, Dana Carvey, Hannibal Buress and TJ Miller. Sam has performed at the Oddball Comedy Festival, High Plains Comedy Festival, Hell Yes Fest, the Chicago Comedy Expo and the NY Film and Television Festival. Sam regularly headlines his hometown club, the legendary Denver Comedy Works. He recently won his battle on Comedy Central's Roast Battle, and was seen on VICELAND's Flophouse as well as the Chris Gethard Show.
Mike Lucas
Mike Lucas
Bobby Ray Bunch
Bobby Ray Bunch
From sold out theaters and comedy clubs to private corporate luncheons and family birthday parties, Bobby has been performing as a professional stand-up comedian since 2010. His ability to adjust his comedy style and material to fit any audience makes him the perfect choice for your next event. His material revolves around his life, his time in the Air Force and everyday observations that leave crowds of all kinds laughing. He’s opened for acts such as Todd Barry (Comedy Central, Louie, The Wrestler), Janeane Garafalo (Mystery Men, The Larry Sanders Show, HBO), Emmy Award winner Tig Notaro and Last Comic Standing Winner Josh Blue.
Donny Townsend
Donny Townsend
Venue Information:
Codfish Hollow Barnstormers
5013 288th Ave
Maquoketa, IA, 52060