Obsidian's Dream, Union Specific: Boombox Set

Codfish Hollow Basementstormers Presents:

Obsidian's Dream

Union Specific: Boombox Set

Fri, May 17, 2019

8:00 pm (event ends at 11:00 pm)

$20.00 - $25.00

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This event is all ages

Doors at 7

 Music at 8


It's in the basement not the barn!

Obsidian's Dream
Obsidian's Dream
Iowa’s Obsidian’s Dream has been a part of the central Iowa DIY rock scene for well over a decade. With seeds from 90’s Central Iowa legends Grooveyard, Great Big Freak, Floodplane and 2000’s indie project Silas Marner, Obsidian’s Dream have steadily provided
themselves and audiences with entertainment, rock n’ roll, art and humor - becoming a staple of the Ames music scene and midwest festivals.

infatuation with genre bending is fully on display both at their albums and gigs, with imaginative lyrics and grooves leading the way. 70’s rock and folk combine with jam, rave and funk on their albums and at shows.
attending the wrong show at the House of Bricks affectionately dubbed OD’s sound “Iowa Chillcore,” a label which has stuck due to being so damn accurate.

two Nova Labs albums in the bag, Plant Life and Free Your Mind, OD continue to curate the best outdoor festival in the area year after year, with the free and inimitable musical marathon and faith-in-human-nature-affirming gathering known as Shagstock. Shagstock
has been the scene of a staggering number of passionate performances, strange construction projects, and a lot of good clean Iowa fun.
finally did something really cool…” - local music fan, regarding Shagstock.
Union Specific: Boombox Set
Union Specific: Boombox Set
Union Specific is an indie country, rock, synth, electric, folk band from Austin, TX. Does all that really fit together? Singer/songwriter, Tyler Wallace seems to think so. Tyler was born and raised in the tiny West Texas town of Gail. Good luck finding that on a map. He has spent the last decade living and playing music in the city he loves, Austin, TX. That’s a lot of country roots, tangled up with urban living. And, sonically it’s all right there in the music. Steel and acoustic guitar are thrown in the same mix as drum machine and synthesizer with Tyler’s unmistakably broken voice above it all.

Union Specific has been making music and touring since 2008. In 2012 the band was given an official SXSW showcase, opening for Ian Moore. In 2014 Union Specific headlined the Lincoln Folk and Roots Festival along with Wild Child, and Austin Lucas. They have also performed regularly at the legendary venue, Codfish Hollow sharing bills with Mark Mulcahy (of Polaris) and The Ghost Wolves. Union Specific has also recorded two sessions for the online streaming site, Daytrotter, as well as Austin’s beloved KUTX, Studio 1A.

The band has released two LP’s: Diesel Engines and Kerosene Visions 2013, and Howlin Room 2015. First Burn, Then Change will be released in 2019 and is the first US record to solely feature Tyler’s songwriting.
Union Specific's boombox set is a unique experience that combines the intimacy of a solo acoustic show with all the moments present on the album, and all the energy that a full band provides! While making "First Burn, then Change", Tyler had his backing tracks burned to a cassette which he puts into a 1980's Toshiba boombox to sing and play along to. Here's a live vid of how it looks/sounds!
Venue Information:
Codfish Hollow Basementstormers
3437 288th Ave
Maquoketa, IA, 52060